Finnkino Event Cinema

Event Cinema is a fairly new and rapidly expanding feature in movie theaters where digitalization of presentation technology has made it possible to bring the most diverse content to cinema screens. Event Cinema can be anything and everything that is not a regular movie.

Finnkino started showing alternative content than just movies in spring 2008 by showing Formula 1 games as live broadcasts in theaters. In the fall of the same year, Finnkino began to bring the popular New York Metropolitan opera performances into theaters. Since then, Event Cinema has expanded a lot with shows not only in opera but also theater, ballet, musicals, concerts, sports and even art exhibitions.

In most cases, performances are produced for movie theaters and cannot be seen elsewhere. Event Cinema showings are often live, satellite presentations or recent recordings. Usually there is a limited number of performances, but ticket sales start early.

Finnkino informs about Event Cinema showings mainly through its own channels: Finnkino’s website, newsletter and social media.

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