Experience the new and exciting Scape Premium Theater! 

Scape is a premium movie theater hall which offers viewers the latest technology and the ultimate movie experience. Scape movie theaters can be found in Helsinki’s Tennispalatsi and also Espoo’s Omena.

 Tennispalatsi SCAPE
 Omena SCAPE



Laser Projector


The Scape theater hall does not just have a 4K projector but the newest and most advanced Barcon laser projector. This projector makes the movie experience on the big screen brighter and more colorful, while the picture quality is exceptionally accurate and sharp.




The Scape theater hall features a state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos sound system which has extremely high-level sound. The 360˚ sound in the theater hall allows the viewer to sink into the movie world even deeper. With Dolby Atmos, the sound fills the entire hall and surrounds the viewers with sound from all angles. The sound in the theater hall is more accurate, more realistic and multidimensional allowing the viewer to feel like they are in the center of events. With Dolby Atmos movies, sound allows for more delicate and more detailed sound reproduction and opens up new dimensions for filmmakers and viewers.


Other features of the Premium Theater


The new movie theater isn’t only a pleasure for the eye but a pleasant experience for all the senses. The theater’s new, black luxury seats are Italian top quality: soft, comfortable and even more spacious. There is plenty of foot space and all seats offer the best views to the big screen.




Additional information


The Scape theater hall has an additional cost of 3,00€. The additional charge is calculated to the price of the movie ticket or voucher. The additional fee cannot be paid for with any kind of voucher.