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Cinema manager: Mikko Vehmas

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Finnkino Scala is located in the entertainment center called IsoCee. Scala has a total of 7 theaters, all equipped with the best picture and sound solutions in the industry. The theater is completely digital. The theater uses Dolby 3D technology. Dolby’s 3D glasses are lighter and more comfortable than ever before. In the future, children will also have their own 3D glasses. Scala has self-service ticket machines from which you can print and buy tickets that you have reserved online.


There are many movie snacks to choose from, such as pick & mix, ice cream and coffee.  


Scala has a modern lobby area which has a nice atmosphere and design. The upstairs lobby has spectacular views over Kuopio and it is possible to rent the large spaces for events.


The cinema is more environmentally friendly than before. There are LED lights which consume less electricity and last longer. Recycling and sorting waste appropriately has also been emphasized in.


Finnkino Scala’s screenings of movies will become more versatile and there will be more movie options in the future. The number and range of premieres will increase and the movies will stay in the cinema for longer.


Want to host an event or conference at Scala? Contact our Business Sales Team for more information.


Opening hours

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Cinema details

Scala 1
Dolby Digital, HFR, 3D
Scala 2
Dolby Digital, HFR, 3D
Scala 3 84
Dolby Digital, HFR, 3D
Scala 4 84 Dolby Digital, HFR
Scala 5 84 Dolby Digital, HFR
Scala 6 71 Dolby Digital, HFR
Scala 7 71 Dolby Digital, HFR, 3D


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