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Cinema manager: Jenni Vikström

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Helsinki Kinopalatsi was opened in autumn 1998, and at the time it was the first multiplex cinema in Finland with its 10 high quality auditoriums.

The first cinema at Kinopalatsi's location opened in 1939: Metropol was a 1000-seat theater and for a long time the largest one in Helsinki. The theater's name changed over the years, first to Boston and then Formia. In the early 1980's the large theater auditorium was split into four smaller ones. During the major construction of Kinopalatsi the aim was to bring the old Metropol theater to a new grandeur. The original auditorium balcony was renovated with its original layout in mind with the assistance of National Board of Antiquities (Museovirasto). This auditorium is now Kinopalatsi 2. The auditorium has a real 1930's atmosphere even though the seats and cinema technology are top modern.

Kinopalatsi lobby combines old and new. Box office and interios next to Kinopalatsi 2 have been restored to resemble the original 1930's appearance with mirrorwalls and mahogany pillars. Also the other auditoriums and lobbies are modern yet they respect the traditions of the cinema. The lobbies combine cherry wood flooring, marble and glass surfaces.

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Use advantage of 24h parking lot. One hour parking for free in Helsinki Europark parking garages for Finnkino guests. Ask for parking tickets from the theater box office.

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Snack shop have same opening hours as the box office.

Cinema details

Screen number
Kinopalatsi 1
Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS, XpanD 3D
Kinopalatsi 2
Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS, XpanD 3D
Kinopalatsi 3
Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS
Kinopalatsi 4
Dolby Digital
Kinopalatsi 5
Dolby Digital, DTS, XpanD 3D
Kinopalatsi 6
Dolby Digital
Kinopalatsi 7
Dolby Digital, DTS
Kinopalatsi 8
Dolby Digital, DTS
Kinopalatsi 9
Dolby Digital, DTS, XpanD 3D
Kinopalatsi 10
Dolby Digital, XpanD 3D


Lost and found - Helsinki and Vantaa

Lost and found articles from Helsinki Kinopalatsi & Tennispalatsi and Vantaa Flamingo will be delivered to Finnish lost property office (Suomen löytötavarapiste).

Lost property office H.T.P palvelut Oy
Kamppi Center (E-level)
Narinkka 3, 00100 Helsinki

Phone enquiries: 0600 04401 (1,67 €/min + tele network charge)
Mon-Fri 9-21, Sat 9-18, Sun 12-18

Finnish lost property office