Ratsukatu 3, 02600 Espoo

Cinema manager: Kari Pääkkö

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Finnkino Sello is a 817-seat cinema in Leppävaara, situated in the western end of the shopping mall Sello. There are six theaters with high-quality movie technology being used.

The specialty of the cinema is the luxuriously equipped 32-seat Sello Vip Premium theater with large, adjustable seats. From Friday to Sunday as well as weekday holidays, the VIP theater includes a popcorn and soft drink buffet with an additional fee of 8€. The popcorn and soft drinks can refilled throughout the movie at the front of the theater. The movie ticket can be paid for with a voucher, however, the additional fee must be paid separately. From Monday to Thursday, the VIP theater includes an additional fee of 2€, however, this does not include the buffet. A voucher can be used as payment for the entire amount.

You can also spend your Birthday in VIP Style at Sello!

The continuation of the theater renovations was completed in summer 2015, when a 4K projected was installed in Sello’s largest theater. 
The most important advantage of the new 4K projector is the ability for the viewer to immerge into the movie due to the screen being even sharper. The 4K projector has a larger number of points (pixels) in the picture. This is what makes the picture even better and the movie experience more engaging.


Free parking in Sello's parking hall (directly below the theater).


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Opening hours

Precise daily opening hours 

Cinema details

Screen number
Sello 1
Dolby 7.1. Surround, 4K, 3D
Sello 2
Dolby 7.1. Surround
Sello 3 161 Dolby 7.1. Surround
Sello 4 111
Dolby 7.1. Surround, 3D
Sello 5 142 Dolby 7.1. Surround, 3D
Sello VIP  32 Dolby 7.1. Surround, 3D


Lost and Found

Missing items may be enquired:

  • By filling out the feedback form online
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  • By calling 0600 007 007 (1,99 €/min + tele network charge) on Mon-Thu 12-18, Fri-Sun 10-18.