Finnkino | Company Information

Founded in 1986, Finnkino Oy is the biggest cinema chain in Finland and the most versatile experience provider in Finnish cultural entertainment. Finnkino has a total of 14 cinemas located in eleven cities around Finland, with a total of 102 screens altogether. In 2016, nearly 6 million viewers visited our theaters.

In the Baltic countries, Finnkino operates with the Forum Cinemas brand. Finnkino is a part of Europe's largest movie theater chain Odeon Cinemas Group, which is owned by AMC, the world's leading movie theater chain.

Finnkino cinemas:

  • Helsinki: Tennispalatsi and Kinopalatsi
  • Espoo: Omena and Sello
  • Vantaa: Flamingo
  • Jyväskylä: Fantasia
  • Kuopio: Scala
  • Lahti: Kuvapalatsi
  • Lappeenranta: Strand
  • Oulu: Plaza
  • Pori: Promenadi
  • Tampere: Plevna and Cine Atlas
  • Turku: Kinopalatsi

Finnkino aims to continuously develop its theatrical services by building new theaters and repairing older theaters. Finnkino's goal is to create a complete experience of each visit to the theater not only by offering high-quality films but also by providing the best viewing experience and a variety of complementary services. 

Finnkino also acts as a disbributor of films. 

Finnkino Oy has around 360 employees, most of whom work in the cinemas. The company's CEO is Veronica Lindholm.