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Happy End
Happy End
Gradually succumbing to dementia, George Laurent, the octogenarian patriarch of the Laurents, an affluent upper-bourgeois family, is uncomfortably sharing his palatial manor in Calais, the heart of the infamous migrant jungle, with his twice-married son, Thomas, and Anne, his workaholic daughter who has taken over the family construction business.
Release Date: 9.2.2018, Length: 1h 47 min
Genres: Drama
Michael Haneke
Babylon A.D.
Babylon A.D.
Veteran-turned-mercenary Thoorop (Vin Diesel) takes the high-risk job of escorting a woman from Russia to America. Little does he know that she is host to an organism that a cult wants to harvest in order to produce a genetically modified Messiah.
Release Date: 3.10.2008, Length: 1h 42 min
Genres: Action, adventure, sci-fi