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Home Alone
Home Alone
An eight-year-old troublemaker must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation. Language: English / no subtitles
Release Date: 20.12.2017, Length: 1h 43 min
Genres: Comedy, family
Chris Columbus
Anthology movie by, and starring, Michael Jackson in his prime, combining a number of music videos from his bestselling "Bad" album with a fantasy tale of Michael's confrontation with a ruthless drug dealer known as Mr. Big (Joe Pesci). In English, no subtitles.
Release Date: 28.6.2017, Length: 1h 33 min
Genres: Fantasy, music, event cinema
The Good Shepherd
The Good Shepherd
The tumultuous early history of the Central Intelligence Agency is viewed through the prism of one man's life.
Release Date: 23.2.2007, Length: 2h 51 min
Genres: Drama, thriller