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Tennispalatsi's Scape Cinema Hall is Europe's best Cinema Complex!

Finnkino's premium cinema hall Scape was awarded the "Oscar award for Cinema's" at the CineEurope Conference held in Barcelona.


Finnkino's Scape cinema hall located in Tennispalatsi was awarded the Best Cinema Hall award in the Classic category through the Cinema Technology Association ICTA at the CineEurope conference at the Screen of the Year gala held in Barcelona. The Scape concept is Finnkino's premium cinema hall developed by Finnkino with the world's leading, first-class technical solutions and luxurious design. The award was the first one for Finnkino. 

"ICTA's Best Europen Cinema Hall award is the Oscar award for cinema's and we are very happy and proud that Finnkino's Scape cinema hall was awarded this title. A lot of work has been put into the concept of the Scape cinema hall and the successful final product is thanks to Finnkino's technical team led by Janne Uusi-Köll and especially the technical chief Ari Saari" says Finnkino's CEO Veronica Lindholm. 

Finnkino launched the first Scape cinema hall in Finland in Helsinki's Tennispalatsi in summer of 2016. This cinema hall is now the best in Europe. The Scape premium cinema concept is based around the world's best movie technologly: the Dolby Atmos sound system, Barco's movie projector and a huge screen, which in Tennispalati's Scape is around 185 squaure meters. In addition to the best technology, the Scape cinema hall includes wider seats with more leg room and LED lighting. Finland's second Scape cinema hall was opened in April 2017 in Espoo at the new Finnkino Omena. 

"The award is a testament of the fact that we have developed our cinema hall concept in the right direction also from a technical point of view. We are exploring different opportunities to open more Scape cinema halls in other cities around Finland. However, decisions have not been made yet" says Lindholm.

Finnkino to build Finland’s first IMAX® theatre in Itis Helsinki shopping center

17.6.2017, Finnkino news
Finnkino is developing the Finnish cinema scene by opening the most modern cinema in Finland in cooperation with the Itis Helsinki shopping center. Finnkino Itis will open by the end of year 2018.

Fraud messages have been sent through emails, text messages and private Facebook messages using Finnkino’s name

17.6.2017, Finnkino news
The gift vouchers being offered in these messages are not Finnkino’s campaigns, but a scam and an unauthorized form of trying to fish for credit card information.

Finnkino now belongs to AMC

17.6.2017, Finnkino news
On March 21st 2017, the European Commission’s competition authority approved a deal where AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. purchased the Nordic Cinema Group, which Finnkino was a part of.

MobilePay Finnkino's Online Payment Method

17.6.2017, Finnkino news
Now you can pay for your movie tickets quickly and conveniently with the MobilePay app!