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Fraud messages have been sent through emails, text messages and private Facebook messages using Finnkino’s name

The gift vouchers being offered in these messages are not Finnkino’s campaigns, but a scam and an unauthorized form of trying to fish for credit card information.

Many of our customers have received emails where gift cards for Finnkino are being “sold” at mock-up prices. Similar messages have now been sent to customers through text messages and private Facebook messages. All of these messages guide you to a webpage to fill in your contact and credit card information.


These are not Finnkino’s campaigns but a scam fishing for contact and credit card information. The messages claim that by giving your credit card information, the customer agrees to pay a monthly fee for an “online entertainment service”. Finnkino has nothing to do with this operator. For any suspicious messages, check the sender’s email address. However, even if the sender’s name is Finnkino, the scam messages have been sent from a different web address than / (after the @). Also, keep in mind that Finnkino competitions, campaigns and marketing messages never ask for credit card or bank information.


Below you can see screenshots examples of the messages being sent and the webpages they lead to.


Finnkino has filed a police report.


In the latest version, the fake mobile application scam may look something like this:



The scam text messages may look something like this:



ATTENTION! A text message may come in the same thread as a previously received (mobile ticket) messages from Finnkino:


E-MAIL messages can look like this:


Older emails look like this:


The website the messages are directed to may look like this:


Finnkino to build Finland’s first IMAX® theatre in Itis Helsinki shopping center

16.5.2017, Finnkino news
Finnkino is developing the Finnish cinema scene by opening the most modern cinema in Finland in cooperation with the Itis Helsinki shopping center. Finnkino Itis will open by the end of year 2018.

Tennispalatsi's Scape Cinema Hall is Europe's best Cinema Complex!

16.5.2017, Finnkino news
Finnkino's premium cinema hall Scape was awarded the "Oscar award for Cinema's" at the CineEurope Conference held in Barcelona.

Finnkino now belongs to AMC

16.5.2017, Finnkino news
On March 21st 2017, the European Commission’s competition authority approved a deal where AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. purchased the Nordic Cinema Group, which Finnkino was a part of.

MobilePay Finnkino's Online Payment Method

16.5.2017, Finnkino news
Now you can pay for your movie tickets quickly and conveniently with the MobilePay app!