Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja Rubensin veljekset
Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja Rubensin veljekset (2017)
Genres: Family, domestic
Distributor: SF Film Finland Oy
Release Date: 24.11.2017
Length: 1h 31 min
Rating: S

Finnkino Movie of the Month in December 2017!

The fabulous Mayflower and Quiltshoe are back in the silver screen!

When the Kattilakoski family goes on a week-long summer vacation to a rented cottage, the local police constables Bigbelly and Stronglass are joyful. Finally one week of peace! Their joy doubles when they win a rent-free summer cottage for one week.

What they don't know is that these two cottages are next to each other! When the truth comes out, the constables are forced to masquerade themselves to remain incognito. Unfortunately their alter egos, artistic Rubens brothers, become an instant hit for Mother Kattilakoski.

Mayflower and Quiltshoe have instant doubts about Rubens; they must be escaped bandits instead. The girls set out to prove their theory.

The end result is a chaotic and action-full week - but the most memorable holiday!