Napapiirin sankarit 3
Napapiirin sankarit 3 (2017)
Genres: Comedy, domestic
Distributor: Nordisk Film
Release Date: 23.8.2017
Length: 1h 43 min
Rating: 12

Janne and Inari now have two children. Janne has stayed at home, while Inari has started working. Janne has developed a severe mid-life crisis. Who is he, and what is his place in the world? Janne decides to go hiking to the fells. Inari urges Räihänen to join because she doesn't believe that Janne can survive a three nights hike. Kämäräinen joins in because he thinks "hiking" to be a codename for heavy boozing. And like before, also this time the journey turns into an epic survival trip.