Nuotin vierestä
Nuotin vierestä (2015)
Genres: Comedy, romance, music, domestic
Distributor: Nordisk Film
Release Date: 1.1.2016
Length: 1h 38 min
Rating: 7

To his horror, demure Arto learns that his mother Leena has signed up for a karaoke competition. He agrees to drive her mother to the competition with the intention of talking her out of it or just conning her into changing her mind - and that way avoiding the shame. When the competition starts, Arto realizes how important singing actually is to Leena and also how extremely attractive karaoke judge, Susanna, they have… Now, instead of sabotaging her mother’s hopes for the competition, Arto devises a battle plan to keep his mother in the competition as long as possible. Little does Arto know that Leena also has a hidden agenda for his son.

“Off-key” is a heart-warming film about throwing yourself in head first and letting go of shame. It reminds us that things in life rarely go as planned.