Tavarataivas (2012)
Genres: Comedy, documentary, domestic
Distributor: Suomen Elokuvakontakti ry
Release Date: 1.2.2013
Length: 1h 23 min
Rating: S

Twentysomething Petri got over a break-up by pushing his credit card limit in order to buy stuff. Still, after three years, the anxiety remains, so all things must go into a storage container. For a year, Petri allows himself to retrieve only one item per day. New life begins naked next to a radiator.

After a week Petri cannot make up his mind about what to need next. He is not criticising consumerism on a moral high horse, but learning to live with less for himself. Only his wonderful grandmother and cheeky little monkey of a cousin may give advice. As the door of the storage container opens and closes for the last time, happiness seems to have become the greatest thing of all. One cannot but wish great success for the film, shot and narrated with sincere and subtly funny gestures.

DocPoint / Tapio Reinekoski